Housing Services

Downpayment Assistance

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program offers 0% interest downpayment financing to qualified LMI homebuyers who complete program requirements and who purchase a qualified home in Winnebago County. These much needed funds made available through the DOWNPAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM help responsible homebuyers access the capital necessary to purchase a home and begin developing long-range equity.

Home Rehab Financing

HOME REPAIR FUNDS are available in all communities throughout Winnebago County for qualified LMI homeowners. In some communities, this is the first time funding has been available in many years. Rehab funding is coordinated by varying providers depending upon home location. Rehab dollars support the repair of important structural and safety needs (roof, HVAC, septic), as well as code issues.

Homes 4 Sale

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program, in partnership with local partners, is purchasing and rehabbing carefully selected homes that will help to redevelop neighborhoods while restoring homes into attractive and highly livable environments. Through the Winnebago Homebuyer Program's HOMES 4 SALE initiative, these desired homes will be available for purchase by qualified LMI homebuyers who complete program requirements with expanded downpayment financing.

Accessible Homes

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Oshkosh, the City of Oshkosh Community Development Office, and community partners, the Winnebago Homebuyer Program is financing the construction of NEW ACCESSIBLE HOUSING that creates affordable home ownership opportunities. This important project will improve neighborhoods, build wealth for LMI families, and help meet the accessibility needs of households with a family member who has a mobility disability.