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Winnebago County Housing Authority

The Winnebago County Housing Authority administers housing services to low and moderate income families, providing safe and affordable housing options in our communities that are free from discrimination. The Winnebago County Housing Authority and Oshkosh Housing Authority serve as a joint agency, with over 650 rental units, 400 Housing Choice Vouchers, two residential group homes, a family self sufficiency program, and a homeownership program. The agency was formed in 1970 and is served by a board of commissioners. More information is available online at www.ohawcha.org.

Winnebago Homebuyer Program

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program is a collaborative program administered by the Winnebago County Housing Authority. In partnership with the cities of Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, and Omro, as well as local lending institutions and community housing agencies, the Winnebago Homebuyer Program is a leading facilitator of affordable homeownership and housing rehabilitation in the county. The program provides support and financing for qualified low and moderate income homebuyers, facilitates housing rehabilitation, and administers an affordable home sale program.

FISC Homebuyer Counseling Services

FISC (Financial Information & Services Center) is a nationally recognized consumer credit counseling agency and collaborative partner with the Winnebago Homebuyer Program. Homeownership counselors with FISC provide education and training support to prospective homebuyers that meets the requirements of FHLB, HOME, CDBG, and WHEDA homebuyer education standards. Counselors also provide 1 on 1 in-depth financial analysis and guidance to families as an important program requirement. FISC is a program of Goodwill Industries, serving communities throughout North Central Wisconsin. More information is available at www.fisc-cccs.org.

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Justin Mitchell Program Coordinator

920-424-1450 justinm@ohawcha.org

Clint Wilz Construction Manager

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Susan van Houwelingen Executive Director


Dana Berger FISC Homebuyer Counselor


Teri Horner FISC Homebuyer Counselor






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