Applicant Page 4: Homebuyer Documents

This is an important page in the process as here we will start submitting key documentation used in determining program eligibility and home affordability.

Upon completion of this page, you will be able to have a good idea of if your household meets income qualification limits for the program, as well as will be able to start completing formal homebuyer program activities.

4.1. Income Eligibility Self Assessment

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program is only able to provide financial assistance to income-eligible households. Homebuyer households must have a gross annual income that is below 80% of the County Median Income to qualify.

After we receive your household's income and asset documentation (as detailed below in #2), the Winnebago Homebuyer Program will complete a formal review and calculation to determine income eligibility.

Prior to uploading any income and asset documentation, complete your own income eligibility self-assessment following the steps below. By completing this before submitting documentation, you will have a clearer picture as to whether or not your household might meet income qualifications:

a. Determine what your actual income amounts for all individuals in the home, including earned income (employment) and unearned income (for example, Social Security Disability benefits).

b. Click on the INCOME ELIGIBILITY SELF ASSESSMENT and take 20-30 minutes to write out all household income and assets in the applicable lines.

c. Total all income together and add in any asset income numbers as described on the form. Your total amount will be your gross annual income.

d. Then find the current Income Limits linked near the bottom of the form and identify the income limit for your household size.

e. Compare the income limit for your household size with the gross annual income you calculated.

As you are figuring out your household income, keep in mind these important reminders:

- Use gross income - that is, income before deductions such as taxes and insurance are taken out.

- Be honest with income and household composition. You can avoid a lot of wasted time from both your household and the program by providing accurate information from the beginning.

- If you aren't already keeping this information together, now is a good time to start. You'll need to submit a household budget in the near future, and the same numbers used for your annual income calculation can go into your budget.

4.2. Applicant Documents to be Submitted

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program is required to obtain documentation from all participants related to household information, income, and assets.

Please carefully review the following documents, which detail this the initial documentation needed and the directions for obtaining and submitting. Do not submit any documents without first reviewing the cover sheet listed below:

a. Applicant Documents Cover Sheet

b. Homebuyer Applicant Initial Documents to be Submitted Checklist

4.3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Important! This is a mandatory program form that all participants must complete and the program must have on file.

The Winnebago Homebuyer Program operates with a commitment to quality and accountability. Additional disclosures, or referral to a partner program, may be required if you have family or business connections to the program, staff, or board members.

Complete the CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE form. If you have family or business ties to any individuals listed on the form, please describe this relationship. You do NOT need to list anything just because you know the individual. If you do NOT have family or business ties, put an X in the box near the bottom. All household adults must sign and date this form.

Upload the completed form to your digital file.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros