Applicant Welcome

Welcome to the Winnebago Homebuyer Program digital homebuyer portal. Here you will find all of the needed information and program resources to be able to navigate your way through the program at your own pace. If you haven't filled out an application yet, we recommend starting there. You can ACCESS THE HOMEBUYER APPLICATION HERE.

My name is Justin, and I will be helping you navigate the often confusing and stressful process of purchasing a home. As administrator of the Winnebago Homebuyer Program, it is my role to ensure that you are ready for homeownership, and to work with you to ensure your family understands the process, demands and key elements involved in a successful home purchase and as a new homeowner.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest - and most expensive - decisions you will make in life. There are tremendous risks and costs involved in homeownership. There are also many benefits to homeownership, including both financial and personal that make homeownership so appealing.

We will explore everything involved with owning a home and the steps involved in the purchase process. You will complete a total of 8 hours of quality homebuyer training. Your household financial management will be closely scrutinized. The homes you are considering will be critically assessed. And the terms of your main home loan from your bank or credit union will be reviewed and then re-reviewed.
The program operates with a strict commitment to rigid and proven standards. We will not cut corners, and we expect you to proceed with a dedication to learning and to excellence in financial management. This process can be difficult, and will require you to work hard to ensure all eligibility provisions are met and all documents are in order.

I commend you for taking the initiative to get this far in your pursuit of owning a home. Let's get going right away - we support 8-10 homebuyers every year as they successfully achieve their dream of owning a home - if you are ready to be one of these exceptional and committed buyers, click here to proceed to the next page, which will cover a few high level basic eligibility criteria for the program as well as get you started on your initial program actions.