Program Documentation Subordination

Mortgage Subordination Image smAt some point during your time as a homeowner, you might look to refinance or take out a loan against your home.  Because you have multiple loans, important terms and requirements must be met to enable you move forward with any of these actions.

Below you will find links to important forms related to understanding subordination, including one that all households are required to sign, date and return to WHP.



The following guides and forms can be found inside of the SUBORDINATION DOCUMENTS folder.

A.  Mortgage Subordination Visual Guide

The concept of mortgage subordination can be confusing to new homebuyers, as well as seem like a low-priority item because it is not closely related to the purchase of your home.

However, mortgage subordination becomes extremely important when you start considering the possibility of refinancing or taking out a loan against your home.  The terms of the WHP subordination policy must be met in order for these actions to be possible  –  this means that you will have restrictions and limits in place that might prohibit you from refinancing or taking a loan out against your home.

Please review the Mortgage Subordination Visual guide found here.

B.  Mortgage Subordination Notice

Read through the Mortgage Subordination Notice document (found here), which summarizes the subordination process and requirements.

All adults in your household must print, sign and date one copy of this document.  Please upload this completed copy to your digital file.

Please save one copy for your own records.


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