Home Rehabilitation Program

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The Village of Winneconne offers financial assistance to qualified city homeowners to make home repairs. The purpose of the program is to pay for home repairs, correct code related problems, address lead based paint hazards, and assist with handicap accessibility modifications. The program is not intended to cover remodeling type work, or the construction of new buildings or additions. The program must address all exterior property maintenance issues and identified lead paint hazards.

Assistance is provided in the form of a 0% interest deferred loan, which entails no monthly payments. The funds are repaid at such time as the homeowner sells the home or no longer utilizes it for their primary residence. The rehabilitation loan is secured by a mortgage on the property. Duplexes, renter-occupied homes and mobile/trailer homes are not eligible at this time.

The program is seeking to assist up to 4 homes in 2019.

note – if you are seeking assistance with the purchase of a home, please visit our downpayment assistance page

Applications for assistance are accepted from January 1 through March 15 each year. The loan amount provided to each approved applicant is based on a number of issues including the cost of the proposed work, the value of the property and the
amount already owed on the property.

Applications are ranked on the basis of the condition of the property and the income of the household and are approved by the Village of Winneconne CDBG Loan Committee based on eligibility and program funding available. There is no waiting list.

Homeowners who do not receive funding may re-apply in subsequent program years. In situations where the applicant has significant financial and credit issues, loans may be made contingent on credit counseling or other requirements to improve the financial stability of the household.

Participation in this program is limited to households that meet program requirements. Eligibility is limited to
owner occupants within the Village of Winneconne who must own and live in the property for which rehabilitation funding is

Households living in the property for which a loan is being requested must have an annual GROSS income below 80% of the area median income. Income includes all payments received by all household members 18 years and older on a regular basis. Income includes, but is not limited to, wages, disability payments, social security, pension and retirement income, unemployment and child support. The household includes all persons living in the home, related or unrelated. If the property contains separate living units rented to others, the tenant household must also be income qualified.

Household Size: 2018 Annual Household Income Limit (subject to change)
1 – $39,850
2 – $45,550
3 – $51,250
4 – $56,900
5 – $61,500
6 – $66,050
7 – $70,600
8 – $75,150

The rehabilitation loan is secured by a mortgage on the property. In determining eligibility for a rehabilitation loan, the Village of Winneconne will consider how many mortgages are already on the home and the amount of money owed on those mortgages as compared to the value of the home.

Other qualifications for participation include proper property must be insured at all times, the household must be willing to work with the program to provide necessary documentation, the household must be willing to work to obtain rehab bids, and the homeowner must be current on municipal tax and utility payments.

If your application is approved, the Village of Winneconne will determine the order in which projects will be undertaken based on the type of work needed. Due to limitations of staff and contractor availability, it may take six months or more following loan approval before work begins, unless there is an emergency. Contractors are expected to complete work 100 days
following the date the city issues an order to proceed on a given project.

The Village of Winneconne will determine the work to be included in the project and will develop specifications for that work for bidding purposes. Owners receive a draft copy of the specifications for review prior to bidding. The homeowner solicits bids from general contractors and qualified building professionals. Bidding parties must be properly insured and must be willing to comply with program requirements if awarded a bid.

All work included in the project must be completed, with all lead paint related work performed by contractors and/or subcontractors that are trained and State certified in a lead hazard reduction discipline and associated with a certified lead company.

When the owner no longer owns and/or occupies the home, the full amount of the loan is immediately due and payable. If the household income rises above 80% of county median income and the owner is paying less than 30% of household income for housing related expenses, loan repayments will be made in installments and will carry no interest. The amount repaid, together with other housing related expenses, will not exceed 30% of the household income.